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With the K of Eusko Label

Prized by chefs and irreplaceable ingredient in traditional Basque cuisine, potato Alava label captivates the palate and crosses borders


The Eusko Label guarantees the superior quality of the potatoes, selected varieties and intended for their preparation, both cooked and fried.

Eusko Label only protect varieties that have exceeded established quality analyzes. So after planting, growing and harvesting, we select the best potatoes to offer consumers a healthy, uniform and quality potato.



We are the only company that sells potato Label we do it with producers, with members of the cooperative and with  nonmembers under integrated production criteria and respecting the environment.


The variety Monalisa is the most widely traded. It is characterized by its texture and flavor, it looks smooth and clean and its color is yellow inside and out. It is exceptional for all kinds of dishes.


 EuskoLabel potato of Alava is a seasonal product. The potato marketing label begins the first week of September and remain in the market until April.

Alava Potato with Eusko Label can be found in different packages, depending on variety, and always  with the Eusko Label logo reproduced on the outside of the container, sole guarantor of the authenticity of the product.



Source: Alava


Certificates: Integrated Production. Potato label controlled and certified by Kalitatea Foundation

Our beloved Monalisa

How do I find it on the point of sale?


In green bag  the 2.5kg potato net and the black and blue net with 3 kg, both with the EuskoLabel seal.


What is its best culinary use?


It is an all-purpose potato cooking. Its character makes the Monalisa a Universal potato always ideal for making potato tortilla.


What are its characteristics?


It is an oval-shaped potato, with a pale yellow skin and a semi-firm flesh.