Udapa sponsors the 20th AECOC Fruit and Vegetable Congress

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, Udapa has sponsored the 20th Fruit and Vegetable Congress organised by AECOC. This congress took place on 19 and 20 June in the Palacio de Congresos in Valencia. The event, which was the most numerous to date, was attended by more than 620 professionals from the fruit and vegetable sector and from large retail companies. 

During the breaks of the congress, in the corporate stand of the cooperative, the attendees had the opportunity to taste different recipes of which the star ingredient was the potatoes of the brand depatata.

Udapa highly appreciates the participation in this congress, so they do not rule out the possibility of sponsoring it again on future occasions.

Udapa celebrates its 25th anniversary with members and workers of the cooperative

Although the official ceremony of the 25th anniversary is scheduled to take place on 16 October, yesterday, 10 June, Udapa celebrated its quarter century in a more relaxed atmosphere in the Monastery of El Espino, in Santa Gadea del Cid. Workers, members and collaborators of the cooperative, as well as several relatives and staff of its associated cooperative Paturpat attended the celebration.

Around 10 a.m., three buses left Vitoria-Gasteiz for Salinas de Añana, where the attendees had the opportunity to visit the Salt Valley in different groups. After the visit, they went to the Monastery of El Espino, where a wonderful welcome cocktail was waiting for them, and then, at around 3:00 p.m., they enjoy a delicious meal and a tasty birthday cake. The day ended with a raffle of 10 baskets made with local produce and a short walk through the monastery's garden.

Once again, the attendees were very satisfied with the course of the day, and the manager of the cooperative, Alfonso Saenz de Camara, thanked everyone for their attendance and their unconditional collaboration with the project during these 25 years.

The Lehendakari receives the Governing Council of Udapa

The Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu received this morning in Lehendakaritza the Governing Council of UDAPA, on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. The members of the Governing Council took advantage of this cordial meeting to explain to the Lehendakari the trajectory of the cooperative during this quarter century.

At the same time, the participants used this occasion to invite the Lehendakari to the inauguration of Paturpat, as well as to Udapa's anniversary party.  

After the meeting, the members of the Governing Council highlighted the interest shown by Urkullu in the situation of agriculture in Alava, in the production of the cooperative and, above all, in the development aid projects that Udapa is carrying out with various NGOs in different countries.

Udapa ends the Alava potato season with a new sales record

UDAPA has presented at Carrefour Gorbeia the results corresponding to the end of the the Álava potato campaign, which gives a new record for sales, reaching a figure of 5,829,433 kilos certified and sold with Eusko Label and Euskal Baserri, the labels that guarantee the quality and origin of the potato. 

For this cooperative, which has been committed to local farmers, the environment, and especially, innovation for 25 years, this new sales record is "the confirmation of a safe bet not only by UDAPA but above all by its customers, including Carrefour, which has always been committed to the potato from Alava, and by consumers who know how to value the quality of Eusko Label and Euskal Baserri".

At the same event, Carrefour also highlighted the value of supporting products and producers by promoting local productive biodiversity and promoting regional produce. For this reason, a new agreement has been signed whereby Udapa will supply potato under the Carrefour brand to the centres of the Basque Country, with an estimated 1,200,000 kilos of potato over this year.

The results presented this morning have led UDAPA to continue working on innovation and in particular, to the recent launch of Paturpat, a cooperative that produces potato ready to eat under the depatata brand.

Finally the girls of Deusto Sistemas-Udapa will classify to be at the promotion phase

Despite the season ended two weeks ago, and that the girls from Deusto Sistemas-Udapa did not manage to qualify for the play-offs against the rest of the teams from the north, there is still hope that next year they will play in the 1st National Division.

It seems that Universidad de Cantabria has denied officially to play the promotion phase, so our girls will have another opportunity to take advantage of their good game.

Here you have a fun interview in which the coach and two players explain to the microphones of Radio Marca the current situation of the team.  

Deusto Sistemas-Udapa interview - Marca Radio
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The products of the depatata range get success at the Gustoko trade fair

From March 2nd to 4th took place the second edition of Gustoko trade show, in the Bilbao Exhibition Centre in Barakaldo. This year more than 300 producers, including Paturpat S.Coop. took part in the event, so the assistants had direct access to a lot of high quality products.

Our member cooperative attended the event with the main objective of presenting its product range of the depatata brand to the public, and thanks to the novelty of the product, its surprising quality and the dynamism that was at all times in the stand itself, in the three days they sold about 1,300 packs of potatoes.

From here we would like to convey our most sincere congratulations to the entire Paturpat team, and especially to Maite and Agus, the promoters of the product, for the great work done. 

Udapa and Paturpat collaborate in the Solidarity Race for the Brave Women organized by Alboan

Once again Udapa and Paturpat will collaborate in the 6th edition of the Solidarity Race for Brave Women who are fighting to change their lives organized by the NGO Alboan. This popular race will take place on Sunday, March 4 and will consist of a 6.2 kilometre journey through the centre of Vitoria-Gasteiz.

The main objective of this event is to raise awareness about the situation of discrimination and abuse suffered by women all over the world. On this occasion also, the race will be attended by teams from companies and organizations with groups from 2 to 5 people, which can be mixed, female and male.

At the end of the race, Paturpat will distribute depatata brand products among all participants. This will therefore be the perfect opportunity to promote teamwork through healthy habits, to support this solidarity initiative, and to taste depatata products too!

Girls from Deusto Sistemas-Udapa qualify to play the play-offs for promotion to 1st National Division

After a spectacular first lap and a slightly more irregular second lap, the girls of the volleyball team Deusto Sistemas-Udapa, have managed to qualify to play the play-offs of promotion to 1st National Division.

They are the top four regular-phase teams that have qualified to compete in this ascending phase, and they do so by playing all against each other doing a double lap. In total, each team will play a 6-game round, and the two best teams will win a place to attend another promotion phase against the two best teams from the other groups in the north area.

It was last weekend when the first play-off match was played, and our girls started in the best possible way achieving a very important victory against Galdakao BT. We hope that Deusto Sistemas-Udapa will continue to walk along the path of victory, and that it will finally achieve a deserved place in the 1st Division.

Paturpat presents its success story in a congress organized under the AGROSMARTcoop project

The First Congress for the integration, competitiveness and intelligent economic growth of Agri-Food Cooperatives in the SUDOE space took place last 7 and 8 February at the Europa Congress Palace, in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Some 100 attendees from France, Portugal and different regions of the State took part in this event.

After several presentations and debates, in the last part of the congress, the successful experiences of different cooperatives were analyzed. It was then when our colleague Ana Carrasco, responsible for the Development of New Products Area, climbed on the stage to explain the beginnings and business development of Paturpat S. Coop. 

After its conclusion, both the congress, which is part of the activities planned in the AGROSMARTcoop project, and its own organization have been evaluated very positively by all the attendees.

Udapa receives recognition for its solidarity during the Dato Award ceremony

Last Thursday, November 16th, Dato Economico magazine celebrated its solidarity award ceremony. This year it was I+Med research cooperative which win the Dato Award because of its solidarity; but on this occasion all the winners of the sixteen previous editions also had a recognition.

It was in 2014 when Udapa won the Gold Dato Award, owing to the development project that is carrying out in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 2011, with the help of NGO Alboan.

The gala dinner was held at Zaldiaran restaurant and it was attended by more than 130 assistants, who tasted a delicious menu and enjoyed with the Sun Magician performance.  

Eroski renews its commitment to Alava’s local products

Last Friday, Eroski did a presentation of potatoes with Eusko Label, beans of Garlan cooperative, and Rioja Alavesa wine at the El Boulevard hypermarket. This presentation served to renew the commitment that Eroski has with the local products. Some authorities from different institutions and cooperatives took part in the ceremony.

After the local products were being presented by the famous journalist Adela Gonzalez, all the representatives and consumers gathered there had the opportunity to taste white and red wine under Iñaki Suarez sommelier instructions.

The presentation ended with a delicious sample of the local products made by the professionals of the Sukalki restaurant.

Udapa headquarters hosts a seminar on innovation

With the main objective of increasing the participation of agro-food cooperatives in actions that promote innovation and inter-cooperation, last week, within the European project AGROSMARTcoop, a seminar on innovation took place in Udapa headquarters.

Leire Barañano, the director of Neiker-Tecnalia, and Rogelio Pozo, the director of Neiker-Tecnalia, did a presentation during the seminar; while, Koldo Lpz de Robles, the director of Paturpat, and Patxi Aldasoro, the assistant manager of Harakai-Urkaiko, explained their cooperatives trajectory.

Finally, the course ended with a visit to Paturpat, where all the participants had the opportunity to see how the whole potato transformation process is carried out. 

Udapa presents Udapa-Lankide sport team

Last Friday Udapa made the presentation of the Udapa-Lankide sport team at its headquarters, and a big amount of volleyball players took part in the ceremony.

During the presentation, Alfonso Saenz de Camara, the director of the company welcomed the visitors and did a short introduction about the cooperative. Afterwards, the players took several photos both inside and outside the premises; and finally, the board members and some players had the opportunity to see the factory in depth.    

This is the first time that Udapa is the sponsor of such characteristics sport club, so all of them hope that this year will be full of success.

Paturpat receives Lanzadera Award in Fruit Attraction international trade show

Paturpat has receives Lanzadera Award in Fruit Attraction, the most important trade show about fruits and vegetables, for being the best innovative and entrepreneurial project of the last two years.

Paturpat set up in 2016 by Udapa, with the intention of responding to the new consumer trends demanded in the market through convenience, healthy and easy to prepare products. So after being researching with our own researchers and the support of some Technological Food Centers for three years, different prototypes of potato-based prepared dishes have developed. In January 2017 Paturpat started selling its products, and nowadays it has six different potatoes’ cuts: potato small cubes for salads, potato big cubes for bravas, baby potato, Spanish omelette cut, sliced potato and French fries potato.

Both, Udapa and Paturpat are concerned about the society welfare, so the 12.000 euros that Paturpat has received with Lanzadera Award will be donated to a development cooperation project which is taking place in the Republic of Congo with the NGO Alboan.

Udapa concludes the collection campaign of Alava’s potatoes

Throughout September and the first two weeks of October, Udapa has been immersed in the collection, reception and storage of the 13.000 tonnes of Alava’s potatoes contracted for this season.

It has been six weeks full of intense work in field and within the cooperative, but farmers as well as Udapa’s staff are really satisfied with the result obtained, because the production of the potatoes has been great, and the quality excellent.

In conclusion, we can say that this year the collection campaign of Alava’s potatoes has been an absolute record.

Udapa collaborates in the 40th edition of the Marmitako Championship of the Basque Country

Yesterday, September 17th, took place the 40th edition of the Basque Country Marmitako Championship in Llodio, by the Lateorroko Jai Batzordea Association. Udapa also collaborated in this contest providing the potatoes used by the 115 groups registered in the competition.

Chefs from different parts of the Basque Country came to Llodio to take part in the competition, but finally it was Txoko Kresal team from Orduña who took home the first prize.

Apart from that, the organization and other collaborators prepared other activities parallel to the competition, so that both the cooks and anyone who came up there attracted by the smell of steaming casseroles had a great time.

Udapa celebrates its first cooperative day

Yesterday, June 18, Udapa celebrated its cooperative day for the first time in Eguren Ugarte winery, in Laguardia. This celebration was attended by a big amount of cooperative’s workers, partners, cooperative members, as well as several guests or staff of its associated cooperative Paturpat.

About 11 o’clock in the morning, the group departed in three different buses towards Laguardia. There they had the opportunity to see the portico of the Church of Santa Maria de los Reyes and to walk around the old town. After that, they visited Eguren Ugarte winery, and they had lunch in a spacious dining room altogether. The day ended with a visit to the chapel of San Isidro, and with a short walk around the area.

All who took part in this celebration were very satisfied; therefore the director of the Udapa, Alfonso Saenz de Camara, announced that “in the following years the cooperative will continue celebrating this kind of encounters which join different people who are part of the cooperative”.



*If you want to see more photos which were taken during the party, you could find them in our Flickr profile.  

The Minister of Labor and Justice of the Basque Government visits Udapa

Yesterday, the Minister of Labor and Justice of the Basque Government, Mª Jesus San Jose, visited Udapa together with Deputy Minister Jon Azkue, the Director of Social Economy, Jokin Diez, as well as the president and technical secretary of the Federation of Cooperatives of the Basque Country, Pablo Durana and Iñaki Nubla, respectively.

During the visit, the director of Udapa Alfonso Saenz de Camara, and the deputy director Roberto Ruiz de Infante, explained them the activity and trajectory of the cooperative. And then, the entire group had the opportunity to see the facilities.


After the visit, the attendees visited Garlan S.Coop. with the objective of continuing to know in depth all the work carried out by agri-food cooperatives.

Udapa is going to take part in FEDER Euskadi’s solidary tasting

Yesterday was the presentation of the 4th Tasting of Products for Hope organized by FEDER Euskadi. This year Udapa is going to take part again in this event giving the prize of the “Your weight in potatoes” raffle.


This social event will take place on June 9th, in the Artium museum, and its main objective is to make people aware of the existence of the so-called rare illnesses.


In this way, Udapa wants to encourage people to participate in this solidary event.

Udapa hosts the final stretch of the fourth meeting of the COMPARTE network

Last week, from May 15th to 21st, members from nine different South American countries met Spanish agents in the Basque County, at the fourth COMPARTE network’s encounter, under the motto Meeting, exchange and collaboration to build alternative economies.

During this week, the participants not only have had the opportunity to exchange their experience, but also they have had the possibility to visit several institutions, companies and cooperatives which have some relation with the alternative economies.  One of this cooperative is Udapa, where on Thursday one group visited its headquarters, meanwhile on Friday all participants could share their impressions about the encounter.

All this has been possible thanks to the NGO Alboan, with which Udapa has been collaborating in development cooperation since 2010.

Udapa has finished Energy for growing project until the next course

On May 15th, Udapa finished the program called Energy for growing until next course. This project has carried out with Eroski, and its main objective is to explain to children the importance of having a healthy diet.

It was in the middle of November when the campaign of this course started, and since then more than 360 pupils of seven different schools have been in Udapa. During the visit the students have had the opportunity to know the factory in depth, and also they have had some surprises.

In conclusion, both for the participants and for Udapa has been a rewarding experience, so the cooperative would like to continue being part of Eroski’s project next year.   

Udapa and Paturpat take part in the Cluster Day  2017

On May 10th, Udapa and Paturpat S.Coop. participated in Basque Food Cluster Day, which took place in Bilbao Exhibition Centre, in Barakaldo (Bizkaia).

The conference began with partners’ General Assembly, and then, at 11:30 a.m., some professionals analysed the importance of the healthy food in our society, in a round table.

And finally, the participants had the opportunity to sample the products of the Cluster’s partners. In addition, this year was the first time that companies had the chance to show their new products in an area called the Innovation Space. This way, Udapa and Paturpat used this area to launch Depatata brand’s products: high quality and healthy potatoes that are ready to consume in the so-called fifth range sector.

Chilean cooperatives’ members have visited Udapa

This morning eight members of Chilean cooperatives from the Melipilla area have been visiting Udapa. In this visit Chilean people not only have had the opportunity to see the factory, but they also have known the working system of the cooperative in depth.

As the main objective of this trip is to know models of cooperative commercialization in vegetables, and especially in potatoes, this group is going to be all week in the Basque Country visiting different cooperatives and other institutions, like HAZI or NEIKER. 

It will be next Saturday, on May 13, when they end their trip, and from here we hope they enjoy their stay with us immensely.

Udapa renews ISO 14001 certificate

Udapa has renewed the UNE-EN-ISO 14001 environmental certificate until 2020, in reconditioning and packaging of potatoes.

The main objective of the ISO 14001 is to encourage both private and public enterprise to create a plan for preserving the environment.

With this certification, Udapa is committed to further reducing its impact on the environment, and it will also continue to create internal benefits by improving the use of the resources used (such as reducing the use of raw materials and energy, or improving waste management).

The Deputy General of Alava visits Udapa

                                                                               Photo: QUINTAS

Last Friday December 2, Deputy General of Álava Ramiro González, and Deputy Agriculture Eduardo Aguinaco, visited the cooperative Udapa.

The Director General of the Cooperativa Alfonso Sáenz de Cámara, the Director of Paturpat Koldo López de Robles, the President of Udapa Sergio Lasarte and the member of the Board of Directors of Udapa Aitor Oráa also participated in that visit.

During the visit the deputies had the opportunity to see all the facilities and to know how they work in them.

Alava's especial week in Onda Vasca

During this week, Udapa has taken part in Alava’s Especial Week in Onda Vasca station.

This year the interview has focused in Paturpat, Udapa’s new cooperative, which make different types of potatoes ready to eat. By this way, the new cooperative is trying to answer consumers’ needs.

Here you have the interview that Koldo Lopez de Robles, the director of Paturpat, has done.

Paturpat interview - Onda Vasca
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Cooperators visit cooperatives Udapa and Paturpat

In early October fifty farmers, called by the Federation and with the collaboration of Udapa and Paturpat, visited both cooperatives.  

The aim of the visits was to see first hand the activity of processing and marketing of potatoes for consumption and its corporate structure.  


The day proceeded with a presentation of each of the cooperatives by their respective managers, Alfonso Saenz de Cámara - Udapa and Koldo Lopez de Robles - Paturpat.

Laboral Kutxa with social participation in Udapa has achieved net profit of 67.7 million euros in the first half of 2016

Cluster Day 2016

Once more, companies adhering to the Basque Country Food Cluster have celebrated the big day; Cluster Eguna 2016. It has certainly been a learning and friendship journey.


Thanks partners!

Visit of the Chilean Delegation to Udapa

We have had the visit of a Chilean group composed of producers and institutional positions interested in the environment, rural development and the Basque primary sector. Thanks to the HAZI Foundation, Udapa has been one of the companies chosen to carry out the visit as an example of management and focus on one of the products is and has been referred to the area as is the potato Álava.

Listen to the interview in Onda Vasca made to Udapa in the week of Cooperatives of Euskadi

Udapa Cooperativismo Euskadi - Onda Vasca
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Udapa attends the event of Laboral Kutxa with the Federation of Agro-Food Cooperatives of Euskadi

Udapa winner company of the European Business Awards for the Environment of the Basque Country 2016

Udapa, A&B Laboratorios, Energy Revival, Gerdau, Iberdrola, Ingeteam and ITP are the winning companies of the European Business Awards for the Environment of the Basque Country 2016 which positions them as “the most cutting edge in terms of the environment” of the Basque Autonomous Community in the areas of management, product, process and cooperation for sustainable development..


Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu, the Basque Premier, and the Basque Government’s Minister for the Environment and Territorial Policy, Ana Oregi, presented the European Business Awards for the Environment of the Basque Country in a ceremony held at Lehendakaritza in Vitoria-Gasteiz and which was attended by around a hundred of representatives of the Basque industrial sector.



VII.Eusko Label Competition between Cooking Schools of Euskadi (2016 )

February 23 at 18:00 took place at the Galdakao Cooking School the seventh competition of Eusko Label products between students of different Cooking Schools of Euskadi.


Participating students prepared a dish using Beef and Potato of Alava , both products with the  Eusko Label certificate. The winning dish was to Mohamed from the Cooking School of Leioa ; It´s the third year that this school wins the competition.



Udapa present in the Sustrai magazine 2016

The issue 105 of Sustrai magazine includes the aid given by the Basque Government in R & D for Rural Development and presented at Udapa´s plant located in the industrial area of ​​Jundiz last September.

Fruit Attraction 2015

Udapa presented at the fair Fruit Attraction 2015 an innovative product range IV : Potatoes in the microwave.


Udapa´s microwave potatoes are presented in a format of 400 gr and can be found in supermarkets and hypermarkets and supermarkets in the refrigerated section of vegetables.


Thanks to its innovative packaging insulation , we can enjoy these potatoes in just 7 minutes without losing its intense flavor and avoiding the use of oils for cooking.


A healthy, easy, economical alternative that has triumphed in its presentation at the international trade fair for fruit and vegetables Fruit Attraction 2015.

Udapa & Eroski Foundation

Udapa engages with Eroski Foundation within the program ENERGY TO GROW : This is an Educational Program of Food and Healthy Habits . Students of all Euskadi Primary Schools visit the instalations of Udapa and learn the whole process of the potato. This Educational School Program  teaches children during their school stage how important is being healthy for a strong growing.

Arantza Tapia announced in UDAPA 10 million of euros in financial support for innovation in the primary sector 

The Basque Government has announced a financial support of 10.3 million euros for R + D + i in the primary sector and new investments in rural and coastal areas in Udapa facilities .  The Minister of Economic Development and Competitiveness , Arantza Tapia , visited our instalations, located in the Jundiz industrial area in Vitoria , as an example of innovative organization in the field of food . It is a center of high level of innovation that has modern systems of R & D with optical viewing applications or automatic weight control .

Agricultural Cooperative in Congo

In 2011 Udapa S. Coop  began the program of cooperation and development with the NGO Alboan with the aim of boosting the production of 3 Congolese cooperatives: Kimuisi, Mayinda and Kilenda.   In these four years of work, Udapa S. Coop has helped these three cooperatives in the search for production alternatives, in the organization of land, marketing of products, professionalization of small processing and in inter-cooperation of the three cooperatives.   The most important crops of these three cooperatives are corn, manioc, sesame, potatoes, peanuts, beans and palm oil.

Likewise, it has also made great efforts in the development and potentiation of social issues such as gender equality, education and the fight against hunger.The reason for this trip was the assessment of compliance with the targets set in 2011 for the program and the identification of new targets for the development of a second phase. Udapa S. Coop collaborates on this project funded by the Basque Government in the first instance and with the NGO Alboan with CDS Kisantu (Caritas, Health and Development) and the Diocese of Kisantu providing knowledge transfer and financial support.


Eusko Label potato tastings 2015/2016

We have started with Eusko Label  the 2015/2016 potato tasting campaign. As every year, we are conducting omelette tastings in different supermarkets of Euskadi with Euskaber eggs.


Try the real taste of our potatoes.


Eat with Kuality!