The Federation of Agro-food Cooperatives of Euskadi (FCAE) is the organization that unites, represents, defends and promotes the economical and social interests.Its mission is to promote the participation of its members and improving the quality of life for themselves.Udapa, since its inception, has participated and participates very actively in the activities of the federation.


Agri-food Cooperatives Spain (previously called Spanish Confederation of Agricultural Cooperatives CCAE) is the organization which represents and defends the economic and social interests of the spanish agricultural cooperative movement. Agri-food Cooperatives Spain is composed by 16 Federations and Territorial Unions of Agricultural Cooperatives (FUTs) and Sergacan (Cantabrian 2nd degree cooperative). Their services and trade areas are based in their respective Autonomous Communities.Thus Agri-food Cooperatives Spain is the common body which represents all the cooperatives of every Autonomous Community of the spanish territory. Agri-food Cooperatives Spain defends cooperative's interests towards the national Administration, the European Union and the rest of the sectors' social and economic agents in which the agricultural cooperatives develop their activities. The aim is joining forces in order to defend the farmers' and cattle breeders' interests.Moreover, Agri-food Cooperatives offers training, information and advisory services through their offices in Madrid and Brussels. In that way they are contributing to improve the agricultural cooperation's efficiency in achieving its economic, social and human goals.


From Udapa we participate indirectly with the federation and directly in the subsector organization, taking a significant role in the potato sector. A member of Udapa participates in the European Committee of Experts, linked to the European Commission, representing the interests of the entire state's potato industry.


ArcoN1 Jundiz Business Association promotes bonding between associated companies located in Jundiz,Ali-Gobeo and Subillabide. This union of companies can face coexistence, participation in common services and new challenges that can benefit the group in the search for effective solutions.

Udapaworks actively in this association, being a partner and being part of the executive committee that drives this project.


The Association  Rural World Forum is a forum for analysis and works as a rural mundial development observatory. 
Its primary mission is to promote cooperation projects in rural parts of the planet, especially in those more depressed. 

Udapa holds a high degree of commitment in the World Rural Forum reserving an annual allocation under the CIPP, bound to this commitment and contributing to reflection and awareness that result from the activity of the Forum.


5 a day is a sectorial association owned by companies, institutions and collaborators of fruit and vegetables that encourages daily consumption of fresh produce, considering that they constitute a healthy and a balanced diet to preserve the health of people. His name is based on minimum ration daily intake recommended by the scientific and medical community in a healthy diet.


Udapa is a member of this association through participation and cooperation.


NewCo is a driving force in the potato sector, modernising and innovating in outdated agricultural environments to maximise profits and guarantee the future by:


Developing new potato varieties adapted to the industrial uses and tastes of modern consumers.


Developing and implanting custom technologies for the production of pre-basic and basic category seed potatoes that ensure the supply of high-quality custom and free seed varieties.


Udapa´s commitment is the  technological improvement for the potato sector, NEWCO is a necessary tool for corporations and interactive participation.


Oinarri-mutual guarantee for the Social Economy is a mutual financial institution whose function is to provide guarantees to its member companies in order to provide preferential access to finance and improve its funding structure.
Negotiate agreements with credit institutions and administration to facilitate financing instruments in the best conditions to companies and freelancers. Also includes a free financial counseling service by technicians.

Udapa takes part on this project


Fepex, the spanish federation of associations of producers and exporters of fruits, vegetables, flowers and live plants, is a private, non-profit making, industry based organisation. The main objectives of fepex are: the provision of servicies to its members in different issues, mainly related to production, commercialisation and public policies in agriculture, trade and labour market areas. Fepex also defends its members´ interests and represents the industry before different authorities, institutions, decision-making bodies and international organisations. In addition, fepex contributes to the development of the spanish industry as a whole, conducting in-depth reports, quality protocols mechanisms and promotion actions, including the FRUIT ATTRACTION trade fair.

Udapa exerts a relevant role thanks to two associations as Asonal and CIPP




The Cluster is a group of organizations working in the food industry of the Basque Country. It currently consists of 52 members (40 companies and 12 banks).
Looking to develop a power sector in Euskadi dynamic, creative, innovative, excellent, internationalized, sustainable, competitive and recognized as a generator of employment and wealth. To achieve this goal, the Basque Food Cluster strengthens the competitiveness of companies through the trust and cooperation.


Udapa is a  Cluster member. Also is part of the General Assembly, which is the highest representative body of the Association.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Alava

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Alava is a public corporation with scope in Álava that meets the needs of businesses and represents the interest of industry, trade and services.

Its activity focuses on boosting the presence of Alava companies in foreign markets, enhancing their internationalization to train executives and managers, to improve the competitiveness of the industry of  Alava and encourage implementation of innovation policies, to support and advise entrepreneurs in the process of creation and consolidation.

Udapa consideres a priority the socioeconomic development of Alava that is why is so involved in the Chamber of Commerce as a partner of the same.


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