We perform an activity that prevents environmental impacts and prevent pollution. Protecting the environment is essential to our business, and for the same reason we practice sustainable farming techniques through controlled production systems "GFP". Specifically apply Integrated Production protocols and GLOBAL GAP Standard.






We follow a system of packaging waste management, facing the recycling and recovery, as established by the Law on Packaging and Packaging Waste. This SIG we manage it in collaboration with ECOEMBES, who offers a comprehensive and efficient waste management said. Continuously packaging design in order to obtain a lower impact on the environment by reducing waste. Finally, we also participate in financing the costs of recycling household packaging.




Since 2008, with the implementation of a water recycling plant recovered 100% of potato wash water through a process of cleaning and sanitizing. Therewith optimum use of water as well as a considerable reduction in consumption.

Parallel we recovered 100% of decanted sludge, by means of a drying and compaction, so that it becomes a useful product for performing amendments that improve farmland.

Food Safety

Customers and consumers are our reason for being, the epicenter of our business.
The maximum of all our work is that the product is completely safe for the consumer. Besides their satisfaction and communication with stakeholders are prerequisites to verify the degree of this commitment.
A service "just in time", 365 days a year and fully operational hours are our response to the needs of customers and consumers.

We are leaders in insurance products and services that satisfy our customers and consumers. These products offer them from an activity that respects the environment. For this reason, UDAPA has an integrated management system of QUALITY, ENVIRONMENT and FOOD SAFETY, which includes the preparation and packaging of the consumer potato.



Since the entry of the product in Udapa, traceability is ensured by following very strict working procedures with a high level of automation and information processing. Checks are performed at every stage of the process the certificates provided, UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015 Environmental as well as demanding BRC food safety standard.
We have the most modern systems of R & D facilities integrated intelligent selection technology optical vision, automatic control pesos ... potatoes handlers with care, precision and agility.
We analyze the soil and water, selection of seeds and fertilizer, pest control, variety, method of cultivation, harvesting ... all the traceability system in the field is the result of this coordination, which aims to ensure continuous supply and desired quality.

Quality Control and leaving

nothing to chance

Our quality control is the best guarantee of our products.
We are experts in potatoes due to the long history of continuous improvement that has been a constant in our expertise. We are very rigorous in the application of standards to establish control, stability and homogeneity of flavor over time.

In the next document you will find the UDAPA S.COOP.'s Quality, Food and Environmental Security Policy.