Laboral San Prudencio Foundation Awards 2015

El Correo

Laboral San Prudencio Foundation awarded Udapa one year more.


Roberto Ruiz de Infante

The purpose of the trip was the advice for the development of a cooperative project in Bas -Congo ( Lower Congo ) region in collaboration with CDS Lukaya Congolese organization linked to the Diocese of Kuantu and ALBOAN

Cooperatives without borders

Daniel González

The local Udapa collective advises the Democratic Republic of Congo on this management model ...

Udapa: Calculating Carbon Footprint

Koldo López de Robles

After the campaign of high prices of 2006, the astronomical prices of cereals, perception ..

Udapa: About potato

The potato is a plant of the family Solanaceae, Solanum tuberosun. Originally from South America ....

Udapa: The nutritional value of the potato

With slight variations depending on the variety, soil and environmental characteristics of the land ...

Land: Technical advice and endorsement of quality

Ignacio Juanche

Udapa S. Coop. is a second degree cooperative composed of 40% by Proagral, cooperative working ...

Land: The cultivation of potatoes. How does the crop health affect in the final quality of the potato

Ignacio Juanche

The potato is a staple in our diet and its consumption has very different ...

Lands: Agronomy

Roberto Ruiz de Infante e Ignacio Juanche

Udapa´s production areas that work directly with farmers are three, Sevilla, Castile-Leon ...

Lurzabal: Integrated Production in Potato

Ignacio Juanche

Alava Potato with Eusko Label stamp since 2008 plantings necessarily fullfills ...

IGNACIO JUANCHE Lurzabal:Potato,and the benefits of contracts

Ignacio Juanche

In the Basque countrywe have enjoyed a Potato Sector Plan since 1996...

DFA:Potatos with Label

Ignacio Juanche

The quality seal "Álava Potato" is only given to those varieties that gather certain requirements ...

DFA:Back to the harsh reality

Alfonso Saenz de Cámara

After the campaign of high prices of 2006, the astronomical prices of cereals, perception ..

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