Our  market projection ensures excellence behind each potato, thanks to:


-A team  close to 45 people, which applies a model of quality, training, technological and technical preparation


-The effective way to manage the service


-Always adopt sustainable practices for growing



We are a cooperative owned by agricultural producers, business managers and workers, we share a common project enthusiastically.



Our cooperative philosophy is the result of a social commitment as embodied in a particular way to, governed by democratic principles in decision-making. Our commitment to quality and service is aimed at customers and consumers.


The presence of producers in this project allows us to reach more ambitious standards of quality, specialization and diversification to ensure consumer tasty potatoes, uniform and rich in nutrients.


Udapa was born 1993 with the intention to innovate to improve and professionalize production processes, management and marketing of fresh potatoes.

We were born of the earth in which we are rooted, Alava, to specialize in the production of quality potatoes.

From land...

Our interaction with producers supposes technical monitoring by engineers in all phases as cultivation and production in all areas.
The soil and water analysis, selection of seeds and fertilizers, pest control, potato varieties, method of cultivation, harvest ... this corresponds to field traceability system is subject to coordination, which aims to ensure continuous supply and quality desired.

...To the Table

With a model of quality and control that leaves nothing
to randomly


From its production to the customer,  we take care step by step from start to finish all phases of the product

Since the entry of the product in Udapa, applied traceability requires full automation processes according to Standard Environmental and BRC Standards to ensure their integrity.
The most modern R & D technology are integrated in a smart-selection optical viewfinder, automatic growth weight test ... treating the potatoes with care, precision and agility.